Cross Country Corvette – Episode 3

cross country corvette episode 3

Proof positive that our vintage cars were made for roadtrips!

The premier of Cross Country Corvette – Episode 3 will be available on YouTube on Friday 4/15 at Noon. Click Here to Watch!

Cross Country Corvette – Episode 3 includes days 8, 9, &10. Some of the highlight’s include Camping at Yellowstone and making our way to Seattle!

After we produced episode one (long version) we looked at the results and came to a conclusion that shorter episodes (10-15 min) were more convenient for you, our visitors. So we spent the last few months dividing Episode 1 into 3 separate videos.

When our series is complete we will put all the shorter videos into a playlist that will be easy to watch and stop while saving your place.

As always thanks for visiting and if you want to swap road stories let us know. A good story is always worth a guest post on our blog if your vintage ride is part of the story.

Cross Country Corvette – Episode 3